Websense Hosted Email and Web Security
Websense hosted security provides centralized protection against email and Web threats including malware, spam, phishing, and inappropriate content, by filtering Internet traffic before it reaches your network. It’s a highly effective security that is simple to implement with nothing to install or maintain on-site, so you’ll save both time and money. Guaranteed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), Websense hosted security reduces the cost, complexity and uncertainty of managing email and Web-based threats while providing the highest degree of protection. For organizations of all sizes:

Websense Hosted Email Security
Websense Hosted Web Security
Websense Web and Email Security Software
Websense best-of-breed Web and email security software solutions provide simple yet comprehensive protection for all types of Internet traffic. This includes effective protection against spam and malware entering your network as well as security that guards against confidential information (such as credit card details or social security numbers) from leaving your network. This offering delivers a cost-effective solution that is easy to manage while still being a fully featured Web and email security solution. For organizations with fewer than 100 users:

Websense Express
Websense Email Security
For organizations with more than 100 users:

Websense Web Security
Websense Email Security
Websense Data Security Solutions
Preventing data loss is a priority for all organizations, large or small. Regulatory compliance, brand, and reputation are critical to sustainable growth. Websense Data Security solutions offer the leading data loss prevention technology on the market, with powerful controls and ease of use to allow you to quickly discover, monitor, and protect your essential information. For organizations of all sizes:

Data Security Solutions